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Austin (my grandson) and I have been working on small woodworking projects for a year or so now. He came up with the idea of selling railroad spikes he had collected over time and actually sold quite a few online. But, he wanted to pursue further uses for the spikes, so we started building coat racks using the railroad spikes for hangers. We used old wood, new wood, old barn wood and so on. Austin would cut the spikes to size using an angle grinder and we would insert them into the wood rack using gorilla glue, seemed to work quite well, and then we would stain the wood accordingly. We would then expand and make wine racks, game boxes and other garden items such as planters and what have you. I've always been a wood worker at heart so it wasn't like new to me, although using railroad spikes sure was. He finished college and is now working full time leaving me to hold down the fort. I've continued onward but cutting the railroad spikes is still his job. I have recently made a venture into creating guitar hangers (floor and wall) and also am now making wall pictures (putting pictures onto wood).

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