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We will be posting  pics of all the things we make in woodworking using various designs, targetting garden and household items (no large scale items at this time)


Bob is a jack of all trades and a master of none, so he says.  He has done woodworking, sings karaoke, is a poet and an artist, although he doesn't consider himself either - he only considers himself as being creatively inclined.  He has published two poetry related books as well, and is working on a third book too.


Austin is Bob's grandson and just finished highschool.  He wants to learn woodworking and whatever comes with it, and that is a great starting point. He is enthusiastic and has an entrepenurial mind. He is actually teaching his Grampa a few tricks too.


The projects we undertake involve the use of wood and metal (mainly railroad spikes) to create objects for household and garden use.  So together we will be learning to plan, design and create things from scratch, whatever our mind may envision.


Of course, we will also be using all the available resources and designs we can find that have already been created; our imagination and creativity can only carry us so far.


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