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welcome to a&B Woodnots!

Small woodworking crafts for sale

Toronto, ontario, canada

austin  &  Bob

Grandson & Grampa

Doing things we thought we would not!

intro - woodchat!!

Believe in yourself, dream your dreams.


Imagination is free and unimpeded - creativity is always within your grasp; be amazed at what you can accomplish, with your mind and your hands, and a little know-how.


Our plan is to create something unique for the home, garden, using various methods and techniques, primarily using new wood, old barn wood or driftwood, railroad spikes, etc. Basically, using anything we can get our hands on.


This will include coat racks, wine racks, garden ornaments, such as wheel barrow planters, bird feeders, small benches, game boxes, and so on.


If our minds can imagine it, we will build it.


And, if you can imagine it, let us know and we will make our best effort to build it for you, however nothing on a large scale and no wooden rockets or spaceships either.



Custom Orders accepted and preferred - refer to tab above.

All completed items will be for sale, limited by quantity and availability.

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